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Intesto Guard Probiotic Paste For Dogs & Cats

Intesto Guard Probiotic Paste For Dogs & Cats

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Your pet is a unique family member deserving the best possible protection and care. Bowel infection is one of the most common causes of pet visits to the Vet. Pets are constantly licking their paws and many get very sick or even die from harmful organisms.

Intesto Guard™ helps prevent diarrhea, Parvo, and illness while promoting healthy immune systems and stimulating rapid recovery from Gastrointestinal challenges.

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Customer Reviews

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Melanie Kowalski

My 5 yr old Boston Terrier, Thumper, had been diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and the gastro vets put him on about 4 drugs including prednisone. I HATE prednisone. I've had dogs on it before and can't tell you the damage that was done because of the drug's side effects. I searched AVMA's database and found a clinical trial on this product. Contacted IG, and was put in touch w/the vet who developed the nutraceutical. I bought the paste and the powder. Started Thumper on the products June 29, 2023. Two months later Thump is off all the drugs except Intesto-Guard and his Hydrolyzed Protein special diet. No more vomiting, no more diarrhea. Fantastic product. Highly recommend.


excellent product!! my picky Little bear will not eat anything, but he can't get enough of this! There is not a product in the whole world like this, so Im ordering a case before traveling abroad w him!


We have an older cat with health issues and our vet suggested a probiotic. Intesto-guard is now part of her daily care routine; she loves it! Thanks, Pat and Gena


I have a five-year-old Pomeranian who is TINY but mighty and yelps if I try to brush his teeth. Our vet recommended this after going to a holistic conference and we absolutely love it! This is the product we’ve been searching for to take care of his gut health affected by his mouth and his little hiccups. Love this product


This is the most awesome product. The poeple are outstanding and wonderful. I have a 20-23 lb Dachshund Boston terrier cross. She is 9 and her teeth are pearly white but her breath was so bad it made us gag. I got a sample of this product at SuperZoo and it only took just a few days and her breath was wonderful. This stuff fixed her gut which is where her mouth stench was coming from and I didn't know that. I always thought it was from her mouth, I couldn't have been more wrong. I am forever grateful to this company for there product and I will use it as long as I have dogs. Cindy Wilson One on one dog training


What causes frequent diarrhea in dogs and cats?

Diarrhea in dogs and cats is frequently caused by microorganisms like Bacteria and Protozoa that attack the wall of the intestines.

Can my pet take Intesto–Guard even if there are no symptoms of GI diseases?

Yes. Your pet can take Intesto–Guard pet supplement every day to help improve its overall health.

What makes Intesto–Guard better than other pet probiotics and pet supplements on the market?

Intesto–Guard combines special Prebiotics with Probiotics and Antibodies. It has among other things‚ Mannan Oligosaccharides and Beta Glucans which other pet probiotic and pet supplements in the market do not have.

Can I use Intesto–Guard while taking other medications?

Yes. Intesto–Guard is very safe
It is all natural and it does not interact negatively with other medications in the body

Which pets should not use Intesto–Guard?

It can be taken by all pets

What if my cat or dog gets too much‚ or if I happen to give too much? Can I overdose my pet?

The good news is that Intesto–Guard™ can be given at several times the recommended dosage without causing any harm.