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Equine 60CC Probiotic Paste

Equine 60CC Probiotic Paste

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Your pet is a special family member deserving the best possible protection and care. Bowel infection is one of the most common causes of pet visits to the Vet.

Pets constantly lick their paws, and many end up getting very sick or even dying from harmful organisms. Intesto–Guard helps to prevent diarrhea, Parvo, and illness while promoting healthy immune systems and stimulating rapid recovery from Gastrointestinal challenges.

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    • Support recovery from Stomach Ulcers
    • Improve Performance
    • Improve Respiratory Health
    • Support recovery from Diarrhea
    • Boost Immune Health
    • Promote a Healthy Gut



Support recovery from Stomach UlcersImprove PerformanceImprove Respiratory HealthSupport recovery from DiarrheaBoost Immune HealthPromote a Healthy Gut

Gut Health & Recovery


Intesto Guard uses specialized yeast derived ingredients such as Prebiotics and IgY Antibodies which bind and expel harmful organisms from the gut, thus helping to prevent illnesses and stimulate rapid recovery from equine Gastro Intestinal challenges.


Intesto Guard Equine Probiotics are a unique horse supplement that helps to reduce and prevent stomach disturbances in horses.

Studies have indicated that upwards of 90% of horses engaged in high-performance work suffer from Gastric ulceration and over half of this number show no outward signs of gastrointestinal problems. This often results in subpar performance as optimal nutritional intake and peak energy levels suffer.

The use of the equine prebiotics helps beneficial bacteria grow and the use of pathogen binders such as MOS (Mannan-oligosaccharide) and D-Mannose helps to cleanse and balance the gut flora.

Customer Reviews

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Charles Moore

Great product!

Charles Moore

Amazing product! Definitely worth purchasing!

Taylor Rains

My whole barn uses Intesto-Guard and our horses have never felt better! We love it!

Taylor Rains

My horse loves Intesto-Guard and I love how it makes him feel! This product gives me peace of mind knowing he's protected and has a healthy gut!


What makes Intesto–Guard better than other pet probiotics and pet supplements on the market?

Intesto–Guard combines special Prebiotics with Probiotics and Antibodies. It has among other things‚ Mannan Oligosaccharides and Beta Glucans which other pet probiotic and pet supplements in the market do not have.

How does Intesto–Guard work to support a healthy GI tract?

Intesto–Guard works by providing Probiotics which help to supplement the normal flora of the GI tract
It also has components called Beta–Glucans and Mannan Oligosaccharides(MOS) which aid in reducing or preventing the attachment of dangerous microorganisms to the wall of the GI tract which once attached damages the GI tract.

Can I use Intesto–Guard while taking other medications?

Yes. Intesto–Guard is very safe
It is all natural and it does not interact negatively with other medications in the body

Which pets should not use Intesto–Guard?

It can be taken by all pets

Is Intesto–Guard only a Probiotic?

No‚ Intesto–Guard is a combination of Prebiotics (Hydrolyzed Yeasts‚ yeast Extracts)‚ Probiotics and Antibodies

Is Intesto–Guard less expensive than the other products on the market for Coccidiosis?

Yes Intesto–Guard is very reasonably priced and far less expensive than other existing treatment options for Coccidiosis.