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Intesto Guard 180g Probiotic Powder For Dogs & Cats

Intesto Guard 180g Probiotic Powder For Dogs & Cats

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Elevate your pet's natural defenses with INTESTO-GUARD, an all-natural pet probiotic supplement. Enriched with naturally occurring immunoglobulins, this supplement is your pet's ally in fostering a robust immune system, ready to tackle the day with vigor and joy.

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Customer Reviews

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Catherine Fiorello

Our 10 year old Savannah cat has had IBS since kitten-hood, and after trying all manner of limited ingredient foods over the years, our vet recently recommended adding powdered Intesto-guard to his HP dry food. It has made noticeable difference, and he is a happier kitty for it - fewer episodes and firmer stools.

Andrew R

Wow! This product is just incredible. My German Shepherd had a watery stool problem and Intesto-Guard fixed that issue in 24 hours!!

Jessica Diedrick

One of my dogs has suffered from gastrointestinal issues for a few years. This product worked wonders the last time he was having a rough time with it, and has kept his stomach settled ever since. Amazing stuff!

Taylor Rains

I first started using Intesto-Guard to help my Corgi who struggles with a sensitive stomach, but now I give it to all of my pets — both cats and dogs. The powder bottle makes it so convenient to sprinkle on top of their food everyday. I love buying this product in bulk so I don't have to worry about running out!

Taylor Rains

This product has been a game changer for my Corgi who struggles with gastrointestinal issues. Since starting him on it, he is happier, healthier and no longer gets sick! Thank you Intesto-Guard!


What causes frequent diarrhea in dogs and cats?

Diarrhea in dogs and cats is frequently caused by microorganisms like Bacteria and Protozoa that attack the wall of the intestines.

Can my pet take Intesto–Guard even if there are no symptoms of GI diseases?

Yes. Your pet can take Intesto–Guard pet supplement every day to help improve its overall health.

What makes Intesto–Guard better than other pet probiotics and pet supplements on the market?

Intesto–Guard combines special Prebiotics with Probiotics and Antibodies. It has among other things‚ Mannan Oligosaccharides and Beta Glucans which other pet probiotic and pet supplements in the market do not have.

Can I use Intesto–Guard while taking other medications?

Yes. Intesto–Guard is very safe
It is all natural and it does not interact negatively with other medications in the body

Which pets should not use Intesto–Guard?

It can be taken by all pets

What if my cat or dog gets too much‚ or if I happen to give too much? Can I overdose my pet?

The good news is that Intesto–Guard™ can be given at several times the recommended dosage without causing any harm.